Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today is January 25th - exactly a month after my sweet son and husband came "home." It's hard to believe so much time has passed. It's even harder to believe that this little boy ever lived in an orphanage so far away. I try to picture him back in his little crib in Malawi at five months old. The image is faint. A wide-eyed boy who never cried, and barely smiled. I took some video footage of Moses watching Obama's inauguration the other day. I rewound it to see how it came out. I went a little too far and realized the last clip on the tape was of Moses at five months, right before I left Malawi. He was emaciated and glassy-eyed. His skin was hanging off his stomach. His soft spot had sunken in and his diarrhea wouldn't stop. We took him to the hospital where he was admitted for five days. I couldn't watch any more of the video. That boy is only a shell of the one I see before me today.

Today, I see a vibrant boy. One who loves life. One who's smile could light up a thousand rooms (and probably will). I see a curious boy. A boy who's eyes are wide to possibility. I see a thinker. A tinkerer. A winker. A heartthrob. A sage. A musician. A writer.

I see a lover. A softie. A daredevil. I see someone who's no longer afraid to love or be loved. I see a twinkle, a spark, pizzazz. I see someone with the wisdom of the ages. I see a friend. A compassionate one. A quiet soul.

I see a boy who will someday become a man. A good man. A man who knows where he comes from.

A man who used to be a little boy who loved to blow his mama kisses and smile at her dancing. The little boy who found peek-a-boo hysterical and his toys uninteresting. The little boy who loved nothing more than being held...

Moses fills my heart with immeasurable joy.

I find it a privilege to be a part of his life.

Below are some photos of our first weeks together:

I think it's funny that Dustin, Moses and Hans are all looking at the camera in this one. Moses and Hans have a strangely similar look about them...

What happened to the love?

Soccer! He takes after his mama.

Moses' 1st birthday party. The crowns are from leftover Christmas crackers.

Grandpa Pattison and Mimi gave Moses a guitar for his birthday.

Moses and his dad started a band.

Playing with his friend Soren.

Here he's making his favorite new face!


Hilary Marquis said...

It is amazing what love can do, isn't it? He is an adorable little boy. Some girl is going to melt over those big brown eyes someday. Happy Birthday Moses! I'm so glad he got to spend it with his mommy and daddy.

gracie said...

This is a really sweet post cara. And I love all the pics. Moses sure is a sweet boy. I need to see him more (so does Brendan).

johnsr said...


He is beautiful and so is your prose. What a great update.

Grandpa John

ohmommameyaw said...

Aaah, Cara, the momma that you have become and now are... You have only tasted what is to come but what a bountiful taste it has been.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and I'm sure Moses has already grown some and gained more weight since then.

I love what has come to inspire you these days and what a joy it is to see it in your face, hear it from your heart and feel the depth of it from your soul.

Thank you for letting us a peek in to your little family life.

Love and miss you, friend!

ohmommameyaw said...

PS This doesn't change your status as my Spitwad... Oh, I mean my Spitfire!

Cajean said...

What a lovely post, Cara! Moses is such a sweetie pie, and love that new "face"...all the other ones too. :-) Blessings on your wonderful family.